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Exercise 35-40, English Business Softskill

Exercise  35  : Passive  Voice
1.      President  is  called  by  somebody  every  day.
2.      The  other  members  are  being  called  by  John.
3.      The  documents  were  being  delivered  by  Martha  to  the  department.
4.      The  amendment  has  been  replaced  by  the  other  members.
5.      Th  information  had  been  received  by  the  delegates  before  the  recess.
6.      the  supplies  should  be  bought  by  the  teacher  for  this  class.
7.      Mr.  Watson  will  be  called  by  somebody  tonight.
8.      Considerable  damage  has  been  caused  by  the  fire.
9.      A  new  procedure  was  being  developed  by  the  company  before  the  bankruptcy  hearings  began.
10.  The  papers  will have  been  received  by  John  tomorrow.

Excersie  36  : Causative  Verbs
1.      The  teacher  made  Juan  leave  the  room.
2.      Toshiko  had  her  car  repaired  by  a  mechanic.
3.      Ellen  got  Marvin  type  her  paper.
4.      I  made  Jane call  her  friend  on  the  telephone.
5.      We  got  our  house  painted  last  week.
6.      Dr.  Byrd  is  having  students  write  a  composition.
7.      The  policeman  made  the  suspect  lie  on  the  ground.
8.      Mark  got  his  transcripts  sent  to  the  university.
9.      Maria  is  getting  her  hair  cut  tomorrow.
10.  We  will  have  to  get  the  Dean  sign  this  form.
11.  The  teacher  let  Al  leave  the classroom.
12.  Maria  got  Ed  wash  the  pipettes.
13.  She  always  has  her  car  fixed  by  the  same  mechanic.
14.  Gene  got  his  book  published  by  a  subsidy  publisher.
15.  We  have  to  help  Janet  find  her  keys.

Exercise  37  : Relative  Clauses
1.      The  last  record  which  produced   by  this  company  became  a  gold  record.
2.      Checking  accounts  that  require  a  minimum  balance  are  very  common  now.
3.      The  professor  whom  you  spoke  yesterday  is  not  here  today.
4.      John  whose  grades  are  highest  in  the  school  has  received  a  scholarship.
5.      Felipe  bought  a  camera  which  has  three  lenses.
6.      Frank  is  the  man  who  we  are  going  to  nominate  for  the  office  of  treasurer.
7.      The  doctor  is  with  a  patient  whose  leg  was  broken  in  an  accident.
8.      Jane  is  the  woman  who  is  going  to  China  next  year.
9.      Janet  wants  a  typewriter  that  self-corrects.
10.  This  book  which  I  found  last  week  contains  some  useful  information.
11.  Mr.  Bryant  whose  team  has  lot  the  game  looks  very  sad.
12.  James  wrote  an  article  which  indicated  that  he  dislike  the  president.
13.  The  director  of  the  program  who  graduated  from  Harvard  University  is  planning  to  retire  next  year.
14.  This  is  the  book  that  I  have  been  looking  for  all year.
15.  William  whose  brother  is  a  lawyer  wants  to  become  a  judge.

Exercise  38  :  Relative  Clause  Reduction
1.      George  is  the  man  chosen  to  represent  the  committee  at  the  convention.
2.      All  of  the  money  accepted  has  already  been  released.
3.      The  papers  on  the  table  belong  to  Patricia.
4.      The  man  brought  to  the  police  station  confessed  to  the  crime.
5.      The  girl  drinking  coffee  is  Mary  Allen.
6.      John’s  wife,  a  professor,  has  written  several  papers  on  this  subject.
7.      The  man  talking  to  the  policeman  is  my  uncle.
8.      The  book  on  the  top  shelf  is  the  one  that  I  need.
9.      The  number  of  students  counted  is  quite  high.
10.  Leo  Evans,  a  doctor,  eats  in  this  restaurant  every  day.

Exercise  39  :  Subjunctive
1.      The  teacher  demanded  that  the  student  leave  the  room.
2.      It  was  urgent  that  he  call  her  immediately.
3.      It  was  very  important  that   we  delay  discussion.
4.      She  itends  to  move  that  the  committee  suspend  discussion  on  this  issue.
5.      The  King  decreed  that  the  new  laws  take  effect  the  following  month.
6.      I  propose  that  you  should  stop  this   rally.
7.      I  advise  that  you  take  the  prerequisites  before  registering  for  this  course.
8.      His  father  prefers  that  he  attenda  a  different  university.
9.      The  faculty  stipulated  that  the  rule  be  abolished.
10.  She  urged  that  we  find  another  alternative.

Exercise  40  :  Inclusives
1.      Julia  speaks  not  only  Spanish  but  also  French.
2.      She  bought  both  the  yellow  sweater  and  the  beige  skirt.
3.      They  have  houses  both  in  the  country  an  in  the  city.
4.      He  is  not  only  industrious  but  also  ingenious.
5.      Her  children  have  American  cousins  as  well  as  Spanish  ones.
6.      Their  European  tour  includes   not  only  Germany  and  Austria  but  also  Switzerland.
7.      He  bandaged  the  arm  both  tightly  and  quickly.
8.      Clark  not  only  practices  law  but  also  teaches  it.
9.      Tom  Tryon  is  a  playwright  as  well  as  an  actor.
10.  The  bride’s  bouquet  included  roses  as  well  as  orchids.

Sarah  Alifah

Kamis, 24 April 2014

Giving Opinion

If  I were in the situation that I had a friend who had pregnat outside marriage and her boyfriend didn't want to take responsibility for what he had done, what should I do?
First thing that I will do, I never leave her and always beside her whenever she needs me. Because she can do anything bad to her and if I were next to her i could prevent something bad. In this situation, she needs someone to talk and to share what she feels. If she wanted to kill herself I would prevent her and give her advice that was a stupid thing. She has done two mistakes if she still wanted to kill herself, first she has done a big mistake to do something that is forbidden by God. and second, she do a mistake by killing herself and the baby who doesn't have wrong. By advice her to always pray to God maybe can forget her to do something bad. And I also ask her to apology to her parents. Her life must go on, killing herself not a way to solve her problem. To be a better person that's the way to face her future life

Mini Test 2 page 125 to 130

Mini Test 2 for Grammar Items 15 through 20

1.               B                     26.            C       
2.               B                     27.            A
3.               D                     28.            C
4.               D                     29.            B
5.         C                     30.            D
6.               C                     31.            A
7.               C                     32.            A
8.                A                     33.            B
9.                C                     34.           D
10.            A                     35.    D
11.            A                     36.    D
12.            A                     37.    B
13.            A                     38.    B
14.            D                     39.    A             
15.            B                     40.    B
16.            B                     41.    D
17.            A                     42.    B
18.            C                     43.    D
19.            B                     44.    B
20.            B                     45.    B
21.            A                     46.    D
22.            A                     47.    D
23.            D                     48.    A
24.            B                     49.    A
25.            D                     50.    A

Exercise 31-34, English Business

Name     : Sarah Alifah
Npm       : 27211891
Class      : 3EB09

Exercise 31
1.     Sam’s new apartment is in a twelve-story building.
2.     We are the language – teachers.
3.     My parents saw a  three-act play lastnight.
4.     The manager said that it ould be a two-play sale.
5.     Hal bought a 79-piece tool set
6.     Margie has a five-shelve bookcase
7.     I need two 16-ounce cans of tomatoes.
8.     I’m looking for a six quart  pressure cooker.
9.     He is a specialist at building made of  brick ­-  houses.
10.            Mrs. Jansen just bought her daughter a ten-speed bicycle.

Exercise 32
1.     There were not enough people to havethe meeting.
2.     Allen has learned enough French to study in France next year.
3.     Do you have enough time to talk now?
4.     She drove fast enough to win the race.
5.     Mike will graduate from law school soon enough to join his father’s firm.
6.     We arrived early enough to have some coffee before class began.
7.     It has rained hard enough to flood the low –lying areas.
8.     You should type slowly enough that you will not make an error.
9.     He has just  enough flour to bake that loaf of bread.
10.            There are enough books for each student to have one.

Exercise 33
1.     It was difficult to deliver the letter because the sender had written the wrong address on the envelope.
2.     We decided to leave early because the party was boring.
3.     Rescue attempts were temporarily halted because of the bad weather.
4.     They visited their friends often because they enjoyed their company.
5.     Paul cannot go to the footlball game because of his grades.
6.     Marcella was awarded a scholarship because of her superior  scholastic ability.
7.     Nobody ventured outdoors because of the hurricane warnings.
8.     We plan to spend our vacation in the mountains because the air is purer there.
9.     We have to drive around the bay  bcause the bridge was destroyed in the storm.
10.            The chicken have died because of the intense heat.

Exercise 34
1.     The sun shine so brightly that Maria had to put on her sunglasses.
2.     Dean was so a powerful swimmer that he always won the races.
3.     There were such few students registered that the class was cancelled.
4.     We had such wonderful memories of that place that we decided to return.
5.     We had so good time at the party that we hated to leave.
6.     The benefit was so great a success that the promoters decided to repeat it.
7.     It was so a nice day that we decided to go to the beach.
8.     Jane looked so sick that the nurse told her to go home.
9.     Those were such difficult assignments that we spent two weeks finishing them.
10.  Ray called at so an early hour that we weren’t awake yet.
11.  The book looked so interesting that he decided to read it
12.   He worked so carefully that it took him a long time to complete the project.
13.   We stayed in the sun for so a long time that we became sunburned.
14.    There were such many people on the bus that we decided to walk.
15.    The program was so entertaining that nobody wanted to miss it.